A Better Way to Buy and Sell

No one makes purchasing decisions in a vacuum. Truth is, every time an individual or company contemplates the purchase of any product or service, someone else always knows about it long before the shopping begins. That's because it comes up in meetings or casual conversation--at the water cooler, in the elevator, or at your son's soccer game.

Now it's possible to connect buyers, sellers and anyone else who knows about the potential purchase in a win-win-win transaction. It's a simple approach that maximizes both customer satisfaction and profitability--and it all begins with you. Best of all, information partners are richly rewarded. Buyers benefit from a low-risk, best-price advantage. And sales professionals are connected to Class A prospects with a validated intent to buy and an invitation to call--by name.

Sound too good to be true? Not with Whatsinitforme.com, where anonymously submitted, buyer-validated information is transformed into quality sales leads with the intent to purchase. At long last, trust and integrity return to the sales process.

A New Way to Buy and Sell


What other members are saying about Whatsinitforme.com:

Never again will I call on a prospect who made their decision to purchase a month ago.
I’m learning about people in my own backyard that didn’t even know my service existed. What a joy to spend my time helping clients instead of making phone calls and mailing letters.
Whatsinitforme.com works for me 24/7 by empowering everyone to share what they know about someone else’s need for my products and then they introduce me. It makes being a salesman fun again.
I’ve been waiting for this solution my entire selling career. Whatsinitforme.com has finally made it possible. This works for selling just about anything.
Before Whatsinitforme.com, 80% of my time generated zero revenue. Whatsinitforme.com converts that time to presenting and closing, not prospecting.

Thanks to the maximum competitive effect, you are now equipped to make the perfect buying decision. Well-informed buyers benefit from the increased competition and in-depth information, paving the way for low-risk purchases at the best price possible.

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Dramatically increase your sales and profitability with an APIX sales referral. The best sales lead possible, it includes a Class A prospect, complete with validated intent to buy and an invitation to call.

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For the first time, your knowledge of someone's intent to purchase any product or service will be richly rewarded. Discover how that person could even be you--and get doubly rewarded.

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