The Perfect Sales Scenario is an idea whose time has come. It is the brainchild of a career sales professional who grew increasingly frustrated with the many missed sales opportunities that result from a lack of timely information. He believed that things would change dramatically if he only knew who in his vast territory was contemplating the purchase of a new business telephone system. Simply put, there had to be a better way.

The concept evolved as a win-win-win for all parties--sales professionals, buyers, and information partners. He realized that every time an individual or company considers the purchase of a product or service, someone else hears about it long before the buyers starts to shop. This information is typically revealed in casual conversation, and anyone can be the recipient. With this in mind, he created, setting the stage for quality leads and transactions--and restoring credibility to the sales process.

Thanks to the maximum competitive effect, you are now equipped to make the perfect buying decision. Well-informed buyers benefit from the increased competition and in-depth information, paving the way for low-risk purchases at the best price possible.
Information Partners:
For the first time, your knowledge of someone's intent to purchase any product or service will be richly rewarded. Discover how that person could even be you--and get doubly rewarded.
Sales Professionals:
Dramatically increase your sales and profitability with an APIX sales referral. The best sales lead possible, it includes a Class A prospect, complete with validated intent to buy and an invitation to call.