Transforming the Sales Process

Welcome! At we are dedicated to identifying and validating individuals and companies who are absolutely, positively, committed, and on the path to purchasing the products and services that you provide. When our Buyers validate their intent to buy a product or service with us, we have created the first ever APIX Sales Referral – a Class “A” Prospect with a validated Intent to Buy and an Invitation to Call.

Currently, is set to identify APIX Sales Referrals for about one hundred thirty product categories; everything from Accounting Services to Website Developers. We are always looking to add more categories so if the product or service that you represent is not currently available on our site, please go to the “contact me” button and let us know what industry or product category you’d like to have included. We will promptly contact you and make sure the category is appropriate for the process, and create your category. Then, we will promote your category to the world and begin motivating our Information Partners to keep a sharp eye out, and an ear to ground, for people and companies who are in the market for what you have to offer.

Here are the categories we’re serving right now:

    • Accountants CPAs and Bookkeepers
    • Advertising and Marketing for Digital and Social Media
    • Alarm and Surveillance Systems
    • Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling

    • Bathtubs and Sinks Reglazing or Refinishing
    • Catering Services
    • Counter Top Installation and Refinishing
    • Generators-Automatic Standby for Home and Business

    • Insurance for Contractors and Business
    • Retirement Plans for Business
    • Telephone Systems for Business
    • Miscellaneous

Thanks to the maximum competitive effect, you are now equipped to make the perfect buying decision. Well-informed buyers benefit from the increased competition and in-depth information, paving the way for low-risk purchases at the best price possible.
Information Partners:
For the first time, your knowledge of someone's intent to purchase any product or service will be richly rewarded. Discover how that person could even be you--and get doubly rewarded.
Sales Professionals:
Dramatically increase your sales and profitability with an APIX sales referral. The best sales lead possible, it includes a Class A prospect, complete with validated intent to buy and an invitation to call.