Information Partners: What's In It For You makes it possible for anyone to participate in the selling process. The next time you discover that a friend or co-worker--or the company they work for--is in the market for a specific product or service, you can anonymously report that information to via a simple, easy-to-understand process. Simply tell us what you know, and cash in on the rewards.

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Thanks to the maximum competitive effect, you are now equipped to make the perfect buying decision. Well-informed buyers benefit from the increased competition and in-depth information, paving the way for low-risk purchases at the best price possible.
Information Partners:
For the first time, your knowledge of someone's intent to purchase any product or service will be richly rewarded. Discover how that person could even be you--and get doubly rewarded.
Sales Professionals:
Dramatically increase your sales and profitability with an APIX sales referral. The best sales lead possible, it includes a Class A prospect, complete with validated intent to buy and an invitation to call.