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A subscription for each category is $3.00 per year.
  • • Only members can purchase the APIX Sales Referral
  • ​• Memberships do not start until you are presented with an APIX Referral
  • ​• APIX Sales Referrals are 99 cents and an introduction to the Buyer is included
  • ​• You review the "Scope of Work" before deciding to buy
  • • Incentives to Buyers are only paid if they purchase from a member​ delivers quality leads that turn into sales. And that means increased profitability for you. Unlike other databases that simply provide segmented contact lists, brings you the APIX sales referral, complete with the intent to purchase and an invitation to call.

It happens when an information partner shares knowledge about someone's intent to purchase--information that is backed by the full knowledge and cooperation of the customer. Identifying, validating and introducing you to prospects who are actively seeking your product or service saves you time and greatly reduces your marketing budget. It’s the perfect sales lead.


Thanks to the maximum competitive effect, you are now equipped to make the perfect buying decision. Well-informed buyers benefit from the increased competition and in-depth information, paving the way for low-risk purchases at the best price possible.
Information Partners:
For the first time, your knowledge of someone's intent to purchase any product or service will be richly rewarded. Discover how that person could even be you--and get doubly rewarded.
Sales Professionals:
Dramatically increase your sales and profitability with an APIX sales referral. The best sales lead possible, it includes a Class A prospect, complete with validated intent to buy and an invitation to call.